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Digital Presence BeeDIGITAL

Digital Presence BeeDIGITAL is the digital marketing tool that ensures that the information that appears on the Internet when a customer searches for your business is what you are looking for.

Presencia Digital

How do we do it?

We collect the main information of your business with name, address, contact information and activity to which you dedicate yourself, and we publish it on up to 50 sites such as: Google, Google Maps, Google My Business, Bing, Facebook, Tripadvisor. .., in that when someone searches the internet for your business or a business with characteristics similar to yours in your area, they will find you in one click and will be able to contact you or visit your store with the certainty that the information they have seen is correct.

Advantages and functionalities of Digital Presence BeeDIGITAL

Digital Presence BeeDIGITAL allows you to increase your digital presence so that your potential customers can find you more easily.

The different sites that are part of the Digital Presence BeeDIGITAL network know that they can trust the information we provide them because it comes directly from the owner or administrator of the business, only then can they have the confidence to rule out any other data source.

What does the Digital Presence BeeDIGITAL product offer?

Nowadays, if your business is not on the internet, nobody will be able to find you physically or digitally. Thanks to Digital Presence BeeDIGITAL you will increase your digital presence allowing you to grow your business being visible to a greater number of clients.

In addition, thanks to BeeDIGITAL, the information that appears on the Internet about your company will be unified, showing a more reliable image of your company and helping your customers to locate you.

Advantages of having Digital Presence BeeDIGITAL for your digital presence

At this point, no one is unaware that you have to be on the internet, regardless of whether your business is a physical store or another type. Users pay attention to what appears on the internet about one or another company and that is vital to grow your business.

How does Digital Presence BeeDIGITAL help you improve your digital presence?

  • You will reach more users and potential customers, since you have more channels in which to display information about your company, making it easier for them to find you.
  • It will be easier to arouse the interest of your target audience, since Internet users are more interested in profiles that present updated and correct information.
  • You will not fall into contradictions that can confuse search engines like Google or Bing.
  • By controlling your business information, you will minimize the risk of a third party posting information on your behalf.
99 €/month


Discover our Essential Plan with online and web advertising for your business.

Includes advertising and website:

  • Digital presence: Appears on up to 50 sites, including: Facebook, Google, Google Maps, Bing…
  • Web: Creation of a website with email accounts, a domain and hosting.
  • Legal assistance: for your business and insolvency management

Digital presence is the expression of your business in the internet world.

What is Digital Presence on the Internet?

Digital presence is nothing more than the fact that your company is present on the Internet and on social networks, thus taking advantage of some of the many advantages it offers.

Today the digital presence is essential for your customers to find you when they look for you. For this, reliable and unified information must be provided. The more contrasted content there is about your company, the greater your digital presence will be.

Why is it important to have a good digital presence?

A good digital presence on the internet increases the confidence of your potential clients in you by verifying that it is a recognized business. People who are interested in your products or services want to be sure that the information you provide about your company: hours, products, contact or location is up to date.

Advantages of having a good digital presence

When your customers find you easily on the internet, everything is an improvement for you and your business. These are some of the advantages of a good digital presence:

  • You increase the sales of your business

By being on the internet, you increase your audience to anyone interested in your products or services, even outside your area.

  • You are available to the client

Your customer can easily find you, know your location, hours and, most importantly, how to contact you if they are interested in your products.

  • Create a favorable brand image

By unifying the data of your business on the internet, you give a more professional image with updated data such as telephone number or hours, which positively predisposes your potential client.

  • You increase the visibility of your business

Your customers can always know the information they need about your business at any time and anywhere in the world, which increases the audience of those interested in your products or services.

How to get a good Digital Presence on the internet?

With Digital Presence BeeDIGITAL you put your business in the hands of experts in increasing your digital presence. Our professionals will increase your content on the internet to offer more reliability to the network about your business.

By increasing the visibility of your company on the internet, you offer additional information to your client and build loyalty in the future, in addition, you ensure that there is no misinformation about your location, hours or services.

Where can you appear when working on the digital presence of your business?

Stand out from your competition by appearing on the internet with Digital Presence BeeDIGITAL and ensure that only you control all the information of your company on the network. It has Digital Presence BeeDIGITAL to know and increase your digital presence and appears in up to 50 directories and websites such as: Google, Google Maps, Google My Business, Bing, Facebook, Tripadvisor… In addition, enjoy appearing in the largest online directories in Spain: PaginasAmarillas.es

Why trust BeeDIGITAL with the digital presence of your business?

At BeeDIGITAL we take care that your business has an Internet presence. Today it is essential to have a digital presence to improve the image of your business, increase its visibility and, therefore, get more customers.

From BeeDIGITAL we increase the visibility of your business with our Digital Presence service:

  • You receive a diagnosis, in real time, of the presence of your business on the Internet, to detect on which platforms you are not present or if your data is wrong
  • We include the basic data of your business in up to 50 digital platforms, including Google, Facebook or Bing, as well as in other search engines, directories, applications, voice assistants and browsers
  • Your business data is always correct and up-to-date and can only be changed by you.
  • Your business in a prominent place in Paginasamarillas.es, the most consulted directory of companies and professionals in Spain
  • You have a private area where you can add news, photos or more information about your company and interact with your customers

By increasing your digital presence you can focus on your business while we grow your image on the internet.