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BeeDIGITAL AI is the leading company in digitalization and artificial intelligence technological solutions for SMEs in Spain.

Its activity consists of defining and improving the Internet presence of SMEs, providing them with quality traffic and making available online sales options that help them grow their businesses. The offer is completed with digital financial and accounting management services, virtual office, IT assistance, cybersecurity, legal advice, data and artificial intelligence, providing SMEs with everything necessary for 360º digitalization. BeeDIGITAL AI’s value proposition consists of packages, monthly subscriptions and personalized management throughout the customer lifecycle.

BeeDIGITAL AI is an AI-Ready company, through the massive use of Machine Learning algorithms in our customer relations and operations. It is the official provider of digital solutions for SMEs of three of the largest telecommunications companies in the world (Telefónica Hispanoamérica, Vodafone and Orange). Likewise, they have agreements with companies such as SAGE and VISA, within the framework of initiatives to promote the digitalization of SMEs.

We applaud the entrepreneurial spirit
of our clients

The values of BeeDIGITAL

Our values define us, us and what we do. We are here to applaud those who fight, those who are great in spirit and effort. We want to help everyone, those who are just starting out and those who are thinking of reinventing themselves. This is our job, because we know what it costs and we want to make it easier for you.


We always question what we do and how we do it


We learn from our experience to offer you the best results


We prioritize simplicity and practicality in our products and services


We work for you with passion and commitment


We offer a secure environment and lasting value for your business


Our tools adapt to your changes

We care about the people behind each business

For 52 years we have worked side by side with those behind each business, shaping the company we are today. We are happy to be able to use our knowledge and experience to help you and advise you from the most human side. After all, we are people who work for people.

Sunday’s Restaurant

Fernandez Ceramics

LaMagnetica Consulting

Producers The Beehive

Sunday’s Restaurant

Fernandez Ceramics

LaMagnetica Consulting

Producers The Beehive

At BeeDIGITAL we are leaders in digitalization and artificial intelligence technological solutions for SMEs and the self-employed.

We use artificial intelligence with a clear objective: to democratize AI among SMEs.

Our positioning in the market allows us to market AIaaS services with products that include AI or with our own developments, including BeeDATA.

With BeeDIGITAL, your business has at your fingertips the best solutions designed to increase your online visibility, attract more potential customers and generate more sales for your business.

Your entire marketing strategy in a single provider and without worrying about anything. At BeeDIGITAL we do everything for you.

Some of the services that BeeDIGITAL can offer you are:

Digital Presence

Your business will appear with the correct and updated information on the main digital platforms (Google, Google Maps, Bing, Facebook, Tripadvisor…) and also in the main internet directories and browsers.

Web design

We create and design your business’s website, to make yourself known and communicate with your clients.


We create your professional online store so that your business has a showcase available 24 hours a day for your customers and does not close any day of the year.

Social Network Management

We maintain and energize your profiles on networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, with content written by professionals.

Digital advertising

We manage your Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns so that you generate more traffic and get more customers for your business.

At BeeDIGITAL we collaborate with large companies and public entities so that they can provide their clients with the most complete service.

We currently collaborate with:

Partner BeeDIGITAL Vodafone Business


Partner BeeDIGITAL Vodafone Business


Logo Orange


partner + BeeDIGITAL + sage


partner + BeeDIGITAL + visa


partner + BeeDIGITAL + comunidad de madrid

Comunidad de Madrid

At BeeDIGITAL we work with technological partners, leaders in the world of technology. Some of our collaborators are:

Google Premier Partner

Google Partner



Google Premier Partner






Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services







We are looking for talented people
proactive and passionate about their work

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