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360 Virtual Office

The 360 Virtual Office Plan offers all the functionalities and services necessary to make your employees collaborate in a more agile and efficient way, improve communication between teams, help you organise tasks and meetings, share resources or store files and boost the development of projects.

Virtual Office

Our plan will provide your business with subscriptions to the Microsoft Office 365 Business Basic licence, as well as a configuration and customisation service and training to get the most out of the tools that are part of it.

What are the main features of BeeDIGITAL’s “Virtual Office” solution?

The 360 Virtual Office plan has all the functionalities to make collaboration between your employees more efficient:

Collaboration in teams

You will have at your disposal the MS Office 365 licence to manage projects, organise meetings, communicate with your teams by chat or video call and collaborate from one place with MS Teams.

File storage and sharing

With this licence you will have 1,000 Gb of storage available in OneDrive and you will be able to share resources and/or knowledge through MS SharePoint.

E-mail address

You will have your own MS Outlook email account and mailbox with up to 50 Gb of storage.

Calendar and diary

You will be able to organise your tasks in your own and shared calendars and manage a contact list.

Compatibility with mobile devices

The tools included in the licence are accessible from mobile devices.

Our solution also offers additional functionalities:

Configuration and customisation

Service of configuration and parameterisation of the licence to the needs of your business, installation of the software on your equipment, creation of users and allocation of licences.

Private customer area

Private access to a platform from which you can manage the licences you have purchased, review your configuration documentation and contact technical support.

Plan 360 Virtual Office

From 64 /month

Include advertising for your business and more:

  • Collaboration in teams
  • File storage and sharing
  • E-mail address
  • Calendar and agenda
  • Compatibility with mobile devices

How can BeeDIGITAL help me get the most out of the “Virtual Office” solution?

The 360 Virtual Office plan includes maintenance and support for 12 months. This service includes:

    • Training: You will receive training material on the different tools included in the licence (office applications such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and OneDrive) and you will receive regular communications (information pills and thematic webinars) to get the most out of the solution.
    • Technical support: you will have expert assistance via chat, telephone and video support, for any doubt or incident related to your licences or to review your configurations or modify the existing ones.


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