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Marketing and Management of Social Networks

With BeeDIGITAL’s social media management, your company will be able to participate in the world of digital communication with its own voice.

In these times, it is important to be part of the conversation and BeeDIGITAL’s social media marketing service is perfect so you don’t lose any customers from social media.

Social Network Management

What does BeeDIGITAL social media management for SMEs and Self-Employed consist of?

BeeDIGITAL’s social media management is a digital solution that allows you to focus on your business while our digital experts in social media take care of managing your content and interacting with your fans. We will also take care of conducting contests or Facebook Ads campaigns that you can apply to your company.

Why is it important for SMEs and the self-employed to have profiles on social networks?

There are many advantages of social networks for SMEs, among the most prominent are:

    • You can communicate directly with your customers. Guiding them in their search for products or services.
    • Social networks influence the purchase decision of users. Internet users trust attractive profiles on social networks and with proven and current activity.
    • You are part of the conversation and you can know the opinion they have of you on the networks. It’s the best way to prevent a social media reputation crisis.
    • It makes your business always present and continuously growing, even outside of business hours.

What does the BeeDIGITAL social media management service offer?

BeeDIGITAL’s social network management service allows you to have a community manager at your disposal who will be in charge of managing your company’s profiles. This social network manager will be in charge of boosting social networks and also carrying out advertising campaigns on social networks if you consider it so.

Leader Digital Plan Social Media
124 €/month


Discover our Leader Digital Plan + Social Media with online advertising and revitalization of your Social Networks.

Why trust BeeDIGITAL to carry out the service of marketing and management of social networks?

Thanks to BeeDIGITAL’s experience, we have all the necessary tools and personnel so that your social networks are in the best hands. With BeeDIGITAL, the social image of your business will project the professionalism and trust that your clients deserve.

Our team will contact you to understand the needs and objectives of your business, proposing the posts that most interest your company and sector and offering you a monthly report with the results.