Artificial Intelligence is present in all BeeDIGITAL projects

Our BeeAI platform aims to:

  • Democratize Artificial Intelligence among SMEs through AIaaS solutions – Artificial Intelligence as a service
  • Create a differential customer experiencel in their life cycle
  • Provide increased capabilities to people (employees and customers)


Only the human hand can extract the maximum benefit from Artificial Intelligence.

Personas IA
  • All our employees and partners are trained in Artificial Intelligence.
  • We export our AI knowledge and projects to our customers and partners.
  • We have hired skilled talent in critical positions related to Machine Learning Operations (MLOps).
  • We have a committee, BeeAI, which oversees, prioritises and monitors all the initiatives we launch.
  • We work with AI-based tools that drive efficiency and productivity.


Artificial Intelligence algorithms are our best allies.

Procesos IA
  • We significantly reduce the monthly churn rate by identifying the likelihood of customer churn and taking the best retention actions.
  • We maximise the sales conversion rate by assigning each salesperson to the customers and sectors with the highest affinity.
  • We optimise commercial campaigns to offer our customers the best service and recommend the product that generates the most value for them.
  • We distribute the workload of our operations team in an optimised way according to productivity, waiting time and production quality.
  • We estimate the right time and likelihood of successfully contacting customers.
  • We improve operational efficiency, freeing up our professionals’ time for innovation.
  • We generate quality content for our clients’ social networks and websites.


AI projects drive our business.

Tecnologia IA
  • BeeDRIVE: Platform for sales teams that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to increase sales productivity and provide the best customer service.
  • BeeLINE: Integration of ChatGPT to generate personalised content for each client in marketing services.
  • BeeDATA: SaaS solution that provides potential records to our clients with personalised recommendations based on Artificial Intelligence-derived parameters.
  • BeeCODE: Use of Artificial Intelligence assistants in the software development cycle.
  • BeeINSIGHTS: we inform our clients and potential clients of their level of digital presence and offer them recommendations to improve their positioning by comparing them with the level of digital presence of their competitors.
  • BeeAIaaS: Artificial Intelligence platform for SMEs that offers personalized and affordable solutions (AIaaS) to improve their businesses. With BeeAIaaS, SMEs can access content generation, chatbot, automation, forecasting and classification tools for existing customers, which help them adopt Artificial Intelligence and optimize their processes.

Ethics in the use of Artificial Intelligence: key to business success and responsibility

At BeeDIGITAL, the ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence is a priority. We are committed to using Artificial Intelligence in a transparent and fair manner, respecting the rights and privacy of our customers and employees.

Our applications and Artificial Intelligence are designed and used in an ethical manner, avoiding any kind of discrimination and bias. In addition, we strive to ensure that our Artificial Intelligence-based decisions are explainable and transparent to our users.

In short, we take our responsibility in the use of Artificial Intelligence very seriously and work continuously to ensure that our practices are aligned with our ethical and responsible values.