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Experts in Google Ads: professional management for SMEs

Google Ads allows small and medium-sized companies that do not have large corporate websites to appear in the searches of people who are interested in a certain product.

Experts in Google Ads

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a Google advertising system that allows your business to appear in searches as an advertisement. It is a way to appear in the most consulted search engine showing it as advertising.

Why do you need Google Ads?

Google Ads makes your business appear to customers who are looking for exactly what you offer and thus increase the chances of selling your products or services to them.

In addition, Google Ads allows you to have your investment always controlled and thus adjust to your budget.

Benefits of Google Ads

With this online advertising system you get visibility in the best place to search for products and services: Google. With our experience, you will get measurable results of how your ads appear and how many people they have impacted. Do you want to know the benefits of running Google Ads campaigns?

  • You advertise locally

With Google Ads you can appear in the searches of people who are looking for your products in your same location, the best way to impact customers in your area.

  • Allows you to display the location of your business

With its integration in Google My Bussines, your potential customers will also see exactly where your business is on the map and all the contact information necessary to find you.

  • You focus exclusively on your customer

With Google Ads you can focus only on the type of customer that fits your products. No matter how specific your business is, with this tool you can find customers who are looking for your products.

  • Measurable and immediate data

You will know in a concrete way how much traffic a certain ad has brought to your website or how many people have been interested in the physical location of your company.

With Google Ads you can reach who really interests you and at BeeDIGITAL we have the Premier Partner badge that certifies the quality and experience we have in this type of campaign. Let our experts optimize your budget in a personalized way.

99 €/month


Discover our Essential Plan with online advertising and a website for your business.

Includes advertising and a website:

  • Digital presence: Appear on up to 50 sites, including: Facebook, Google, Google Maps, Bing…
  • Web: Creation of a website with email accounts, a domain and hosting.
  • Legal assistance: for your business and bad debt management

We are Google Premier Partner

At BeeDIGITAL we put at your disposal the best experts certified by Google with the aim that your Google Ads advertising campaigns achieve the best results.

Google Premier Partner

What Google Ads products does BeeDIGITAL offer?

At BeeDIGITAL we offer you the most professional service so that your business appears at the top of Google searches and thus get more customers.

We can offer you a service adapted to the tightest budgets from €100 campaigns to campaigns for the most demanding.

Why trust BeeDIGITAL to create my Google Ads campaigns?

Because at BeeDIGITAL we are experts in creating Google Ads campaigns and we have experience in managing more than 47,000 campaigns throughout Spain.

BeeDIGITAL uses all the potential that Google Ads can bring to your business:

  • Design your Google Ads plan tailored to your budget and needs.
  • Appear as an ad on Google, the most consulted search engine.
  • Show your business to customers who need what you offer.
  • Measurable and quantifiable results.
  • More visibility for your business and brand.
  • Get more traffic and customers for your business.

We take care of everything so that you can focus on your business project.