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360 Cybersecurity

The 360 Cybersecurity plan offers all the functionalities and services necessary to protect you from possible cyber attacks. Our experts will provide you with the tools you need to ensure advanced security for your business and your employees’ devices.


What are the main features of BeeDIGITAL’s “Cybersecurity” solution?

The 360 Cybersecurity plan has all the functionalities to protect your business from possible cyber attacks:


You will have at your disposal a solution that scans your devices, their internal memory and other external storage devices for computer viruses.


You will have a tool that allows you to protect your computers against spyware.

Secure mail

You will have a tool that scans your email to detect unwanted emails and set filters (anti-spam) and detect emails with suspicious links or malware aimed at stealing credentials (anti-phishing).

Safe navigation

Solution to control the content of the pages visited from your browser and avoid malicious advertisements (anti-adware).

Network monitoring

You will have a tool to analyse your network traffic and prevent possible threats.

Audit and start-up

An initial audit of the equipment is performed to address any vulnerabilities detected and configuration of the security tools on the devices you have selected.

Our solution also offers additional functionalities:

Security audit of your website

We will carry out a security audit of your company’s website.


Back-up of all processed information.

Private customer area

Private access to a tool to manage the service, generate reports, contact technical support and access training material.

Cybersecurity 360 Plan

Price from 15 /month

Include advertising for your business and more:

  • Antimalware
  • Antispyware
  • Safe mail
  • Safe navigation
  • Network monitoring
  • Audit and start-up

How can BeeDIGITAL help me get the most out of the “Cybersecurity” solution?

BeeDIGITAL’s 360 Cybersecurity plan includes maintenance and support for 12 months. This service includes:

    • Training and tutoring: you will be provided with training material to configure the security software, cybersecurity awareness material and regular communications (information pills and thematic webinars).
    • Technical support: you will have expert assistance via chat, telephone and video support, for any doubt or incident related to your devices. You will also be provided with a home assistance service (maximum 2 visits per year).


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