BeeDIGITAL is the perfect partner to help telcos operators to digitalize the business of their customers.

Vodafone case


Orange case


Benefits for our Partners

  • Commercial offer differentiated from competitors
  • X2 Increase in revenue per customer
  • Tool for customer acquisition and loyalty building
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • ↓10% reduction in churn
  • Risk free model

Benefits for our partners’ customers

  • Improving the digital presence of your business
  • Increased visits to your business
  • Managing your online reputation
  • Increased sales opportunities
  • Protecting your online information

Services we offer to our partners’ customers

Digital Presence

Real-time diagnosis of the presence of the business on the Internet, through the Scan BeeDIGITAL tool, and generation of a report that indicates on which platforms the basic data of the business appears and whether this data is correct and up to date.

Creation of a business profile on Google (formerly Google My Business) including your most relevant information, which you can complete and update at any time.


Expansion of your basic data on the main digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, Alexa, Google Maps, Bing and the main internet directories and car browsers.

Access to a private area for the business from where you can manage your data on all platforms, access your statistics and manage your own customer reviews.

Management of the online reputation of the business, being able to ask your own customers for positive reviews that will be published in your business profile on Google.

Additionally BeeDIGITAL can complement this service with other more advanced services such as Websites, E-Commerce, Traffic Campaigns and Social Media Management

Why this service is necessary for SMEs


70% of business information on the web is incorrect or incomplete. Google penalizes SEO positioning when data is non-existent or non-uniform.


We protect information by ensuring that the customer is the only one who can register or modify their data on the different platforms.

A single place to update information on all sites and manage what customers think of the business.


Previous experiences


We have already worked successfully with partners such as Vodafone, Orange, VISA, Sage, Comunidad de Madrid, helping them to become leaders in digital value proposition for SMEs.

We know the SMEs

trusted partner

For more than 50 years we have been helping SMEs to win more customers, which has allowed us to know better than anyone else the needs of this segment. We have an excellent rating from our own customers (Google: 4.6/5) who number more than 60,000.

Unique Partner Ecosystem


Our resources, technology and technological suppliers that we have built up over the years constitute a competitive advantage that we put at the service of our Partners. We are premium partners of Google and Facebook.

Scalable operating model


We are prepared to face rapid growth in a flexible and agile way thanks to our experience in integrations and alliances with large companies and different suppliers.

Attractive business model

Business Model

The business model we offer is 100% risk-free for our partners. We give a fixed price per subscriber and our Partner establishes a fixed surcharge on our price.

Private label service

White Label

Our products are offered as a white label solution, including product, customer supply, service and maintenance.

BeeDIGITAL Vodafone Business Alliance

Vodafone Digital Business is the complete offer of digital solutions for SMEs and freelancers to help them manage their digital presence, such as creating websites, presence on multiple sites and social networks or even boost online sales of any business.

Vodafone offers Digital Presence services in stand-alone format but has also created bundles in which the services are sold packaged with telephony and connectivity solutions (link to VDF website).
We are the technology partner to help Vodafone customers in their digital development.
In addition, Vodafone and BeeDIGITAL work together in the Digital Kit program promoted by the Government of Spain, which aims to promote the digitalization of small businesses, micro SMEs and self-employed, and thus contribute to modernize the Spanish productive fabric.

Logo Orange

Orange, with a project based on innovation, convergence and value generation, is committed to supporting SMEs in their digitalization process, with BeeDIGITAL as its partner for digital marketing technology services (Internet presence, e-commerce and social networks) for customers with small businesses.

Additionally, Orange and BeeDIGITAL work together in the Digital Kit program promoted by the Government of Spain, which aims to promote the digitization of small businesses, micro SMEs and self-employed, and thus contribute to modernize the Spanish productive fabric.


World leader in business management solutions and services. The alliance we have built, uniting the Sage 50 solution and BeeDIGITAL Presencia Online, provides SMEs and freelancers with a comprehensive solution to support their digital transformation.


Together with the world leader in digital payments, we collaborate to support merchants and SMEs in the digitization of their payments through the development of joint e-Commerce solutions.

BeeDIGITAL alliance comunidad de madrid

BeeDIGITAL is the technological partner chosen by the Community of Madrid for its Persevera Program aimed at SMEs and freelancers. Within the agreement, we not only provide digital consulting, but also tools such as BeeDIGITAL Online Presence to help these companies improve their visibility on the Internet and increase their business contacts and sales.

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