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BeeAI Chat: chatbot with artificial intelligence

Boost your business website with a chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence that will help you, in a natural and simple way, to instantly respond to your customers’ queries, improve your image and boost your sales.


Chatbot IA

The BeeAI Chat service offers you the possibility of serving a greater number of potential clients with a conversational assistant, developed with conversational Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT) and natural language processing (NLP).

Your BeeAI Chat is integrated into your website and is available 24 hours a day to respond to user queries at all times, or collect their contact information through a form.

You have a control panel that allows you to know, in real time, the behavior of your assistant, review all conversations and personalize your chatbot (position on your website, color and name) to adapt it to your brand image.


Complete the BeeAI Chat service with the following functionalities:

Professional website

We create and design your business’s website to make yourself known and communicate with your clients.

  • Creation and hosting of your website with the guarantee and experience of BeeDIGITAL.
  • Professional web design, using the latest technologies and adapting content generated with Artificial Intelligence.
  • SEO optimization so that your website is positioned in the main search engines.
  • Domain registration and email accounts included in your website, without additional costs.
  • Responsive web design, to guarantee that your website looks correctly on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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Digital Presence on up to 50 sites

The Digital Presence service allows you to have a Company Profile on Google (formerly, Google My Business), which includes your updated and verified data and images so that, when a user searches for your products or services, they can find your company, see your schedules and location, discover your news or contact you.

Additionally, you can energize your profile by publishing posts. We suggest publications adapted to your activity using the latest technologies, based on Artificial Intelligence, for content creation.

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The Digital Presence service includes a FREE diagnosis, in real time, of the state of your business information on the Internet. You will get a report that will tell you if you are present on the main platforms, websites and directories or if your basic data appears with errors on the Internet.

Track, verify and monitor the status of your information on the internet. Don’t let your information be incorrect.

Make it easy for your customers: if they are looking for you, let them find you.

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WhatsApp advanced service

Dissemination of your WhatsApp phone number, with a personalized welcome message, on your website, in your Company profile on Google and on other digital platforms in the BeeDIGITAL network.

If you cannot attend to your WhatsApp, you can activate a form so that clients who want to contact you leave their information or book an appointment.

Access, from your private area, to your contacts’ data to resume the conversation with them or send them the information they request.


Services to improve your digital image

Complete your plan with a Google Ads campaign

Use Google Ads to attract more traffic and more customers to your business.

We will keep your Google Ads campaign active over time with an investment of €100 per month, this will allow us to improve performance and get better results for your business.

This service is not included in BeeAI Chat. The contracting of campaigns will be done additionally with the added price of the plan that is contracted.

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Service and support

Private customer area

You will have control of your business information on up to 50 websites and you will be able to manage and publish it in real time and from a single point: your customer area.

From your private area you can also modify your details, check your invoices, reply to user comments and check how many users have found your business.

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Legal support

Legal advice and assistance in matters that affect the development of your business activity by a team of specialised lawyers from Legálitas, which you can contact online or by telephone. It includes advice for your business, protection for your family, appeals service for fines and management of unpaid invoices. Legal advice for businesses at sensitive times.

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IT consultancy

An expertwill quickly solve any problem or technical doubt that may arise in the day-to-day running of your business:

    • Wired or WiFi network failures
    • Communication problems between offices
    • Disconfiguration of equipment
    • Downtime of servers or computer services
    • Virus removal on your computers
    • Recovery of lost data or files
    • Faulty equipment
    • and answer any other queries you may have!

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Personalised advice

The BeeDIGITAL support team is always available to solve any query or problem by email or phone. Attention for businesses that never rest.

In addition, we will help you to improve your image and position on the Internet to generate more impact among your potential customers and improve your relationship with them.

Con BeeAI CHAT uno de nuestros expertos se pondrá trimestralmente en contacto contigo para ofrecerte un asesoramiento de tu estrategia digital y te propondrá consejos, recomendaciones y sugerencias de mejora. Together you can review the traffic statistics of your business.

In addition, we will provide you with a report and suggestions for improvement for the SEO positioning of your website.

Personalised advice for businesses in dialogue.

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BeeDIGITAL Academy

The guide for curious businesses: Articles, tutorials and inspiration to help you make the most of your digital marketing tools to get more customers.

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BeeAI Chat


From 39€/month

Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence that is complete with:

  • Professional website
  • Digital presence
  • WhatsApp advanced service
  • Private customer area
  • Legal support
  • IT assistance
  • BeeDIGITAL Academy