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Talleres Heras Palencia

Talleres Heras Palencia is a company in the automotive sector in Laguna de Duero (Valladolid), which has more than 30 years of experience. Specialists in mechanics, electricity, bodywork and painting and at the forefront of technology, trust BeeDIGITAL AI services to help them get more clients.

What does Talleres Heras Palencia say about us?


“We are very happy with the BeeDIGITAL service”

Talleres Heras Palencia


Thanks to BeeDIGITAL AI’s digital marketing services, Talleres Heras Palencia surpasses its competitors in Internet visibility. Visits to your profile and website have doubled, attracting many new potential customers to your business.

It has managed to be at the top of the Google results list when potential clients search for a workshop in Valladolid, also conquering first place on Google Maps with more than 100 reviews from satisfied clients and a perfect score.





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Talleres Heras Palencia’s desire was to increase its visibility on the internet so that more potential clients could hire its services and thus grow their business. For this reason, they decided to work with BeeDIGITAL AI, which helps them in their digital marketing strategy with extraordinary results.


Talleres Heras Palencia managed to stand out from its competitors and managed to expand its reach on the Internet towards a larger target audience with the strategic support of BeeDIGITAL AI in its digital presence.