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BeeDIGITAL Value: the digital transformation to increase the sales of your business

The BeeDIGITAL Value service is a management solution for your business that helps your company appear more times in Google searches. In this way, you can take the final step to improve sales and the dissemination of your brand.

Digital Transformation

What does the BeeDIGITAL Value service for BeeDIGITAL companies include?

In order for you to increase your sales, it is important that customers get to contact you. Did you know that 98% of business searches are made from Google? The BeeDIGITAL Value service has everything you need to increase your visibility on Google and increase future customers for your business:

    • Includes registration and management of your company profile on up to 50 sites including Google Business Profile.
    • Management of the Google Business Profile by making it more attractive for future customers including relevant information, publishing content and responding to comments/reviews left by customers and requesting new ones.
    • Creation of a website to attract customers. People interested in your products or services may contact you on this website through: WhatsApp, email, telephone, form, chatbot…
    • In addition, you will have all the legal and IT advice you need to carry out the digitization of your business.

Digital transformation oriented to the conversion of BeeDIGITAL

With the BeeDIGITAL Value serviceyou will not only increase your presence on the internet, but you will monetize that presence with customers who can learn more about your products and how to obtain them:

    • You will increase your digital presence by being present on up to 50 sites and specialized apps such as Google Business Profile, Facebook, Tripadvisor…, which will publish the main information of your business.
    • We create a website for your company with all the elements to encourage customers to contact you.
    • In addition to legal and IT support so you can focus on sales.

What does the BeeDIGITAL Value service include?

The BeeDIGITAL Value service includes different digital services that will help you in the digital transformation of your company:

Digital presence with BeeDIGITAL

With this BeeDIGITAL service, we will publish the main information of your business (name, address, telephone, hours, contact details…) to help your customers find you by your business name or when they search for a service like yours in your location.

Conversion oriented website

We will create a website with a landing where you can show all the services or products that your company offers and that will allow your customers to contact you in the way you choose.

Dynamization and optimization of Google Business Profile

This service includes the management of contacts, publications and enrichment of your Google Business Profile so that you can increase your presence in the search engine and on Google Maps. Likewise, we will take care of the response of the reviews that users make about your business.

IT consultancy

With this digital solution you will have at your disposal a computer advice service where an expert will contact you to give you the solution you need if you have problems with your connection or do not know how to install a program or software.

Legal consultancy with Legálitas

Thanks to BeeDIGITAL Value, not only will we take care of giving your business more digital visibility, but we also offer you a legal service from Legálitas that includes legal assistance for your business and your family, dealing with the management of fines, unpaid , data protection, etc

Why is it important to have a conversion-oriented landing page?

It is not only important for your company to make the leap to digital, but also for this challenge to translate into new revenue. Did you know that 98% of business searches are done on Google? With us, your business information will be unified and published on up to 50 sites, as well as on your company’s landing page, so that your customers can find you more easily and know how they can comfortably consume your products and services.

With BeeDIGITAL Value you will not lose contacts

With your website, you can choose how people interested in your products or services can contact you: through a form, chatbot, telephone, WhatsApp… so you won’t lose leads from people interested in your business.