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360 CRM

The 360 CRM plan offers a complete solution for managing customer data, as well as for managing marketing and sales actions. In addition, it allows easy access to customer information to follow up on business opportunities and create personalized email marketing campaigns.

360 CRM

Customer management

With our service, you will be able to register and store the data of your business contacts quickly and efficiently. Our CRM solution allows you to do this manually or by importing files. You will have everything you need to keep your business contacts organized and updated.

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Features to complete your 360 CRM plan

Digital Presence on up to 50 sites

We offer you our online positioning service so that your business can appear in up to 50 digital platforms with the correct and updated information. This includes not only the most common search engines such as Google, Bing and Tripadvisor, but also major social networks such as Facebook and even voice assistants such as Alexa. We know that each consumer uses different online platforms and search engines, but with our service, your business will be present in all of them with updated information.

Our goal is for your customers to find you quickly and seamlessly, no matter what platform they choose. We guarantee that your information will be complete, correct and will increase your chances of being found more easily and improve the reputation of your online business.

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Reputación Online

Our service allows you to manage your online reputation from a single point through your private client area. With our Review Generation service, you can ask your customers to leave a review of your business on your Google My Business profile. You only have to send an invitation to your contacts from your private customer area so that they can access the direct link to the section where they will have to leave their rating. This way, you can ask for reviews from your satisfied customers and quickly promote your business to reach more customers and increase your online reputation.

In addition, our Review Management service allows you to respond to reviews in a timely manner. From your private client area, you will be able to consult the evaluations and opinions that are made about your business in different online platforms, such as Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Bing, among others, and respond to the opinions published in your Paginasamarillas.es file. This way, you can effectively improve your customers’ experience and enhance your online reputation.

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Lead and opportunity management

Our tool offers you a flexible and customizable system so that you can adjust your business strategies according to the different criteria of each potential customer, and thus increase your chances of conversion. You will be able to manage them in order to convert them into active customers by assigning business rules according to different criteria such as interested, future interest, potential customer, contacted, and customer. This will allow you to have a better control and follow-up of your potential customers, taking into account their level of interest and specific needs.

Performance of commercial actions or tasks

You will be able to create customized quotes tailored to your customers’ needs. In addition, you can assign specific tasks to different users of the tool.

Commercial reporting and follow-up

We offer you an opportunity listing tracking tool that will allow you to quickly identify the most valuable business opportunities and take action to make the most of them. In addition, this functionality will allow you to generate customized tracking and monitoring reports that will help you evaluate the evolution of your commercial strategies.

Our solution also offers additional functionalities:

Email marketing campaigns

Our CRM solution will allow you to easily send newsletters and personalized emails to your customers and followers through the Mailchimp platform. You will be able to design and send effective email marketing campaigns to drive customer engagement. Mailchimp offers you a simple and efficient way to maintain clear and constant communication with your audience, so you can increase customer loyalty and engagement.


With the alarm system you will be able to set up messages to track sales activity and manage opportunities to help you increase your revenue and build customer loyalty.

Responsive Design

Our tool adapts perfectly to your viewing needs, whether you are on your PC, tablet or mobile.


From 124 /month

Include advertising for your business and more:

  • Digital Presence on up to 50 sites
  • Online Reputation
  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Performance of commercial actions or tasks
  • Commercial reporting and follow-up