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eInvoice Plan

The eInvoice plan is aimed at SMEs, professionals and the self-employed, and offers all the necessary functionalities to issue invoices in a structured format, Facturae, and facilitate their automated processing.

The SaaS platform allows you to send, receive and store unlimited national and international electronic invoices, control expiration dates, personalize them, make backup copies and is adapted to current regulations and all electronic invoicing standards.

BeeAI 360 Electronic Invoice

What are the main functionalities of BeeDIGITAL’s “eInvoice” solution?

The eInvoice plan has all the functionalities to streamline and automate your billing processes:

Invoices in structured format

Issuance of invoices in Facturae format (file containing an electronic invoice in XML format), which have the same legal validity as an invoice issued on paper and which is the standard format for invoicing the Public Administration.

Unlimited invoices

Unlimited sending of national electronic invoices (public entities and private companies) and international electronic invoices (public entities and private companies through open networks).

Products and customers

Unlimited creation of billable products and/or services and sending invoices to unlimited clients.

Issuance of verifiable invoices

You will be able to issue invoices, both on paper and electronically, that include the necessary elements for verification against the Tax Agency by the buyer.

Generation of a billing record

Our solution creates a billing record in a standardized format to guarantee the integrity, conservation, accessibility, legibility, traceability, and unalterability of the data that makes up the billing record.

Expiration control

The tool includes a system to automatically control the expiration of invoices issued.

Automatic shipments

Sending and receiving invoices by email manually or automatically. It also allows you to send and receive other types of documents (delivery notes, orders and other attachments).

Our solution also offers additional functionalities:

Configuration and customisation

Configuration and parameterization of various aspects of the tool (language, discounts, visualization, formats, etc.) and access to 2 users.


Save issued invoices through daily backups.

Integration with ERP

The solution has APIs or Web Services for integration with other tools and to allow data to be loaded manually.

File storage

With this tool you will have unlimited invoice storage.


Price from 15 /month

Includes advertising for your business and more:

  • Invoices in structured format
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Products and customers
  • Issuance of verifiable invoices
  • Generation of billing records
  • Expiration control
  • Automatic shipments

How can BeeDIGITAL help me get the most out of the “eInvoice” solution?

The eInvoice plan includes access to support documentation and preferential incident resolution service.